Will I lIve to be 20? by Carol Scavotto
Will I Live To Be 20?

This collage was based Christopher Johnson true story.

Two days ago, while walking with my daughter from dance class, she asked me if I thought she would live to be 20. I was silent too long. I can’t say exactly why. Was it because of the fear for my own life in present police state America? Was it the upcoming election? Was I silent too long because a 13 year old girl just asked me if I thought she would live to see 20? By the time I got the where with all to answer as to assure her of her future, she responded “I don’t think I’m going to live to see 20. The world is already a bad place and both our presidential can- didates are bad people, but I believe Trump is going to win and it will be the end of America.” My 13 year old daughter said that. My first responsibility as a father is to keep my daughter safe, to create a world worth leaving her as inheritance. In one statement my daughter told me that she doesn’t believe I can protect her and that the world as she knows it won’t be worth living in very soon.
Christopher Johnson