It was a cold snowy night when my dad picked me up from after school art class, I was in the 4th grade.
All the way home we talked about maybe dinner tonight would be spaghetti.
When we walked into the house there was no smell of spaghetti sauce, it was a smell I did not know.
What is for dinner mom? You will see!
My brother, dad and I sat at our usual seats and watched as my mom brought out a platter with a whole cows tongue placed in the center.

pig tongue

House rules were you HAD to try everything if you did not like it you could had a PB&J.
My brother took a bite and got his sandwich.
It was the only time I flat our refused to even put it in my mouth. I sat at the table until it was time to finally go to bed.

OK so that was my worst dining experiences but the presentation did make a BIG impact.

What I carry with me as fond memories of meals is the table presentation. Beautiful dishes, pretty napkins, orderly silverware and serving dishes in the center of the table. Funny but I really do not remember a favorite dinner…OH wait ….Maybe the Holiday we each were served a personal little cornish hen. I have not eaten meat in decades but that made a big impression on me.

I have my moms GOOD dinner dishes…just looking at them invokes love and family.

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