I am continually asked why I change medium and style so frequently in my artwork. “Just stay with one thing and you will become more marketable”

I have been consistent with collage work for several years now yet as they evolve the look and my message change.

Visual is my language of how I both process and communicate with the world. All the styles, methods and materials I have worked with through out my life are all just right there to be used as needed. (years of work =years of working methods 😉

The visual changes are not intended to confuse you my collectors.

As an artist I am responding directly to my environment and the world from my vantage point.

How can that not possible change?

My current collage work is steeped in social/global issues…Hours of research go into them.

Yet today I really just needed to revisit my older Technique of a simple ink line drawing to express a thought.

Thank you for letting me share it with you 😉 morning contemplation 17190978_10208157854683137_7230046583650805986_n

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