My collage work is a direct visual response to current news stories. My previous series were  taken from the NY times and the Wall Street journal. Beginning with the election of the new American president my work has taken on a more studied persona. Quite unintentionally the brightly colored layer of the collage’s has fallen to the wayside. The issues are still based upon the same 2 newspapers but they have become a springboard from which I do a great deal of research.

In part this series is addressing how intertwined the politics of different nations are creating our world.

But on a more personal level the work address the impact each individual’s actions have in  creating  the harmony or discord of our environment. This series has a great deal more visible text including my own journaling. The titles are VERY important.  I have purposely written my text as one long run on word. It is possible to read what I have written yet my goal is to leave you the viewer room to contemplate your own personal views.

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